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 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) has become one of the most widespread occupational health problems we face today. It affects millions of people a year, and with our growing reliance on computers there seems to be no end in sight.

The carpal tunnel is a band of ligaments and small bones in your wrist. Painful symptoms can result when nerves are compressed by a collapse of this nerve “tunnel.”

Traditional Treatments for CTS: Traditional medical treatment for CTS may include splints, ice, drugs, cortisone injections, and even surgery!

The Chiropractic Difference when it comes to CTS:

  • Many are surprised to learn that the cause of their wrist problem may be due to functional changes to one or more joints of the neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist. Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) in the upper spine can compromise the workings of any structure between it and the tip of your littlest finger. This is often called the double crush syndrome.

It is no surprise, when 1,000 cases of carpal tunnel syndrome were investigated, it was found that a large number of those suffering from CTS also had neck arthritis.(hurstLC, Weissburg D & Carroll .RE The relationship of the double crush syndrome(an analysis of 1,000cases of carpal tunnel syndrom)J.hand surg;10b:202))

In light of what's known of CTS anyone suffering from it should see a Vitalistic Chiropractor to ensure that their spine is free from VSC. A chiropractic adjustment may be the difference between a pain free wrist or surgery! (JMPT,199821(5):317-326)

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