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Your Second Visit at Pura Vida Chiropractic

After we study your health history and  our examination findings, we’ll make recommendations designed to help you begin your journey back to health. We call this the "Back to Health" Report of Findings.

What we will discuss:

1. Review your Consultation History (i.e. History,Symptom, Goals, etc)

2. Update you of the  Examination Results --We use simple, straight forward, easy to follow language. We will take as long as necessary to answer your questions.

3. You see what we see... The first step to turning your health around is understanding how you got there in the first place. 

4. Options...Options...Options... If you are chiropractic case, we then give you recommendations & options on the best course of action to address your health needs.

5. You Decide... If you want to begin your Healing Journey.